Feature rich in-app user feedback platform for tech-forward companies

Branching logic

Make survey questions more relevant to each user by specifying the follow-on question to be displayed based on the user response to the prior question.

1 branching logic


 Customize the look and feel of in-app screens based on your brand’s specifications. Fonts, text colors, background colors, brand colors, and widget positions.

2   on brand

Monitor key metrics from a custom dashboard

Track key KPIs derived from real time response data through an AI powered custom dashboard

7 visualization


Communicate to your users in a personal way. Tap into the power of user data you already own and personalize your messaging based on user attributes. 


4   personalization

Impactful downstream actions

Trigger impactful downstream actions like app-store rating request, WhatsApp referral request, redirection to URL/deep link and more based on specific user responses.

3   impactful downstream actions

Incentivization and gamification

End to end work flow to incentivize user and increase survey response rates. Gamified formats like quiz and trivia to enhance user engagement.

6  incentivization and gamification

One solution for all platforms

A single solution for all platforms - mobile and web. Whether you are on JS, Flutter, ReactNative or Native, we have you covered.

5 one solution for all platforms


Target specific user cohorts at the right moment in the customer journey. Effortless import cohorts from existing systems or load cohorts through CSV.

8 targeting


Integrate with 20+ leading tools including CRM, analytics and issue management. Send response data back to your analytics data stores through easy to use integrations.


7 integrationss

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