Skills based candidate assessments

Screen 1000's of candidates by testing for the specific skills required for a role. Efficient and convenient unmoderated assessment platform with robust anti-cheating checks. Available for both non-tech and tech roles

⭐ Reduce time-to-hire and cost-to-hire by up to 50% ⭐


How it works

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    Define assessments

    Select from existing role-specific assessments. Or, create your own assessment by grouping pre-defined or custom tests across different skills. Tests are available on skills ranging from GDPR and Accounting to JavaScript and Google Analytics

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    Share assessment link with the candidate

    Import candidate list from leading ATS systems, load through a csv or define manually. Generate and share assessment links with candidates directly from the dashboard

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    Candidates complete the assessment

    Candidates complete a one-way assessment in a convenient time slot and answer multi-choice, text and voice questions. Babble's anti-cheating checks like video monitoring, tab switching, question randomization and full screen mode tracking safeguard against unethical candidate behaviour

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    Instant results

    Receive assesment scores instantly. Identify best-fit candidates to progress based on ranking. Anti-cheating check report ensures assessment integrity

    Assessment results

Types of tests available

  • Role specific skills

    Test role specific skills from GDPR and Accounting to Product Management and Affiliate Marketing

  • Programming

    Test on a variery of programming skills ranging from JavaScript and ReactNative to R and Python

  • Software skills

    Test knowlege of popular software products like Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project, Figma, Hadoop and more... 

  • Cognitive

    Analyze a candidate’s mental skills and thinking. Tests include verbal reasoning, problem solving, basic math and more...

  • Personality/Culture

    Choose from leading personality tests like 16 Types, DISC, BIG 5 (OCEAN) and Enneagram

  • Language

    Test candidate proficiency in languages like English, German and French

  • Custom tests

    Create new tests effortlessly to suit the your specific hiring requirements

Large Test Bank

Select from over 200+ ready-to-use tests

  • Skills test image
  • Exhaustive test bank

    Select from a large test bank catering to both tech and non-tech roles.  

    Test candidates for job-specific skills like coding or digital marketing, as well as more general skills like critical thinking.

    Effortlessly create new custom tests within minutes for your specific job role requirements.

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