Take your product analytics to the next level with qualitative feedback captured through in-app micro-surveys

published on 21 October 2023

Most companies have adopted Product Analytics solutions like Mixpanel and Amplitude to track user behaviour inside their product. Google Analytics, Pendo, CleverTap are some of the other popular solutions available to track user actions. Many organisations have also developed in-house solutions to track such product analytics.

Product analytics solutions have become indispensable and do an excellent job of  providing valuable insights like mapping out user journeys, tracking feature usage, pinpointing drop off locations and many others. Organisations have invested significantly in analytics solutions and they have become the go-to source of information for Product, Growth and Marketing teams to answer critical questions like 1.) Where are users dropping off  2.) What feature is being most used  3.) Which user segments are most active and many others...

While product analytics solutions do an excellent job of capturing quantitative data (The WHAT) at a granular user segment level, the user sentiment behind the quantitative data (The WHY) remains a mystery. E.g: Quantitative data from Mixpanel might indicate significantly higher rate of premium plan subscription from users in Mumbai as compared to Chennai. The WHAT is accurately communicated by the analytics solution. But The WHY remains a mystery and business teams usually come up with multiple hypothesis with regards to the same 1.) Is the pricing perceived as high by Chennai users 2.) Are the premium features less relevant for Chennai users 3.) Will local language support help boost the numbers in Chennai 4.) Is a competing app offering better service in Chennai

Product, Growth and Marketing teams usually leverage legacy channels like cold calls and survey forms to reach out to the user segment in question, with the hope of gaining better insights to the specific WHY question posed by the quantitative data. But very often these channels have slow turn around time, involve significant repetitive manual effort and low response rates. Also, more importantly the customer who is being contacted hours or days after he has completed the action might be completely unaware of the context of the questions and give an inaccurate response.

Imagine a company with a strong Product Analytics solution being hit by multiple WHATs week after week. But not having the ability to get to the WHY quick enough to guide business decisions. The last mile indecision drastically impacts the value an analytics solution can truly provide. 

On-demand, low-code in-app survey solution offers an excellent, scalable solution to getting answers to the The WHY behind the The WHAT that is communicated by the Product Analytics solutions on an ongoing basis. If an organisation has invested heavily in analytics solutions, an in-app survey solution can be an extremely valuable add on that can help maximize the value of their significant investment. More importantly in-app survey solutions like Babble readily integrate with leading Product Analytics solutions in two ways 1.) Being able to readily import segments/cohorts from analytics engine to launch hyper targeted surveys 2.) Providing the ability to write back user responses to the analytics engine to further enrich user segmentation data.

This sample survey shows how The WHY can be got to quickly by launching an on-demand in-app survey targeted at Chennai users - Click here to launch the sample survey

Schedule a demo with the Babble team to learn more about how a dedicated in-app survey solution can help you maximize the ROI from your Product Analytics solution.

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