Maximize ROI of your marketing spend with in-app surveys

published on 24 October 2023

Organisation, both B2C as well as B2B, are spending significant amount on money on various marketing channels to attract targeted audiences to their websites. The marketing channels include -

1.) Running ads on social media

2.) Running cold email campaigns

3.) Participating in industry events

4.) Legacy advertisement (television, billboards etc)

5.) SEO

6.) Cold calls

One of the immediate outcomes of a marketing activity is to drive the targeted audience to the company's website. The website content, messaging and ease of use play an important role to pique the interest of a prospect that has landed on the website and execute a CTA that will move them further down the sales funnel.

However, the audience that lands on the website from marketing efforts can include a mix of personas. Example -

1.) Prospects who are genuinely interested in the product 

2.) Prospects who are curious to learn more

3.) Prospects that are using a competing product but might be open to other options

4.) Individuals who have mis-understood the initial marketing material and have incorrect expectation from the product 

5.) And many more...

The prospects will also have a mix of varying priorities and context. And, will form varying opinions post spending time on the website. Example -

1.) This is just perfect fit for me. I should proceed immediately

2.) Pricing seems high

3.) Has less/more features compared to existing solution

4.) Seems useful, but difficult to use/implement

5.) Looks interesting, but not a priority for this quarter

6.) The product is not what I understood from the marketing material

7.) The content is confusing. Unable to accurately understand the value proposition

8.) And many more...

Regardless of what action the prospect that lands on the website takes, you have spent significant amount of $$$ in driving an audience to the website that is interested or somewhat interested in what you are offering. And this captive audience presents one of the best panels to gain customer insights from. Since this audience is completely anonymous, the only way to gauge their sentiment and gain insights is when they are engaging with your website i.e through well-time and well designed in-product surveys.

Imagine spending $50k on marketing every month but having no insights into the behaviour and opinions of the audience that you are attracting. The ROI can definitely be much higher if you can gain deeper insights into the marketing audience sentiment in real-time.

Using well-designed and well-timed in-product surveys, marketing, growth and product teams can discover a treasure trove of insights from the audience visiting the website -

1.) Is the value proposition clear to the customer

2.) How do they find the pricing compared to the competitor

3.) Where did the customer hear about our product

4.) What alternate solution or competitor product are they currently using

5.) What is the time frame in which they are looking to purchase

6.) What are the key concerns that are preventing them from purchasing

7.) Which marketing channel is working best

8.) Does the marketing or website messaging require refinement

9.) And many more...

To drive higher response rates, incentivized in-product surveys can be run as well . Or, the audience can be used to construct a panel for offline interviews by recruiting them through in-product surveys.

Few sample surveys to demonstrate how in-product surveys can be smartly deployed to extract maximum value from the audience that is landing on your product website - Click here

To learn more on how to maximize ROI on on your marketing spend through in-app surveys, book a demo with the Babble team

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